Aesthetic Cosmetic Specialist for beauty and rejuvenation treatments including fillers, non-surgical facelift, Sinclair Soft Threads, anti-wrinkle injections and dermatological therapies to create young soft silky skin and the appearance you desire

Dr Paul Curry enthusiastically applies his artistic and highly extensive medical skills to beautify, rejuvenate and enhance appearances engaging the latest and best techniques and treatments. He was awarded the prestigious Level 7 Diploma in Aesthetics from The Derma Institute in London with certificates also from Master Classes in facial and lip enhancement.

Choose your favourite Lips; -Russian, Hollywood, Cupid or Classic perfectly volumized and proportioned, with corners lifted to enhance your smile and peri-oral fine lines filled. Cheeks lifted with Juvederm VolumA or Volux to smooth out nasolabial and marionette lines. Dynamic wrinkles abolished and resistant or established wrinkles filled to complete the appearance of a young smooth skin surface.

Participant at all the major Aesthetic annual meetings (FACE, CCR, FABS, BCAM, Aesthetic Medicine Live, IMCAS etc) Paul retains a keen awareness of advances ( e.g. Sinclair Soft coned threads, Lipo-fillers, collagen stimulants, and skin enhancers (laser, microwave, ultherapy etc). Experience with plastic surgery at renowned Mount Vernon and East Grinstead Hospitals in earlier years uniquely enables Paul to counsel clients on best treatment options. His many years in London Hospitals in General Medicine and Cardiology allows him to provide an holistic approach to his client's quest for beauty and health. Read about Dr Paul Curry's medical background